Reggie Jackson On World Series Tix: “I Need Two”

TMZ has video of Reggie Jackson outside a New York hotel yesterday that is more than a little embarrassing, regardless of the circumstances.

Reggie Jackson needs tickets to World Series game

The piece starts out lame and actually peters from there, until Joe Morgan shows up at the end to do something he’s never done in over two decades of broadcasting: provide entertainment when there was none. Read more…

Reggie Jackson To Fan: “I’m Not Jesse, You Fool”

Jon Heyman has my top World Series highlight so far, this pregame exchange between a fan and Reggie Jackson:

Reggie Jackson Jesse Jackson Tweet From Jon Heyman

Wait, Reggie doesn’t want to be associated with the greatest civil rights leader of our time?

Mr. October Still Hot Over “The Bronx Is Burning”

It’s interesting that on the same day ESPN announces it will no longer produce made-for-TV movies or miniseries, we also hear that Reggie Jackson is still mad as hell over his portrayal in “The Bronx Is Burning.” That’s the eight-part ESPN miniseries that was released in 2007, based on Jonathan Mahler’s best-selling book.

ESPN's The Bronx Is Burning

Not saying that the two things are related, but Jackson says he’s considering a lawsuit against the WWL over the way they depicted him in the movie, which featured Daniel Sunjata in the role of the tempestuous Mr. October. It all came up when Jackson appeared on “The Jorge Sedano Show” on 790 The Ticket in Miami on Thursday. Reggie was asked what he thought of the movie, and he responded by appearing to have an seizure on the air.

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NHL Players Sue Golf Developer Over Porn Parties

When you give someone $25 million to build golf resorts, you might be a bit miffed when they use your dough to host parties with porn stars. And for an even bigger slap in the face, they don’t even invite you.

golf girl

But that’s just what 19 current and former NHL players are alleging against golf course developer Ken Jowdy. The hockey players are suing Jowdy to get back the $25 million they invested in two luxury golf resorts in Mexico that have yet to be built, plus $15 million more in additional damages. The lawsuits claim that Jowdy put their putting money towards prostitutes for “lavish parties”. And check out out who was on the invite list.

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Playboy Offers Ex-Cowboys Cheerleader $500,000

Melissa Rycroft, former Cowboys cheerleader & budding ABC reality TV star, is offered a chance to take off her “Dancing” dress for Playboy.

Melissa Rycroft

• The Broncos are finally cutting themselves from Jay Cutler. Any takers?

Mike Danton, the ex-NHLer jailed for planning to kill his agent, is transferred to Canada, where he’s already up for full parole.

Reggie Jackson remembers Billy Martin telling an anti-Semitic joke.

• Three Oregon Ducks caught shooting other ducks in a city park. Traitors!

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Reggie Jackson: Was Billy Martin An Anti-Semite?

Do you remember that ESPN mini-series “The Bronx Is Burning”? It was about the 1977 New York Yankees and had the one guy from “Rescue Me” as Reggie Jackson, and John Turturro as Billy Martin. It was also pretty horrible, though that’s doing nothing to keep MSG from deciding to show the series this Sunday night.

As part of the series, MSG recorded a bunch of interviews with players from that Yankees team to supplement the show, and as you’d expect, some of the best material came from Mr. October himself. In one choice outtake from a part of Jackson’s interview with teammate Fran Healy, Reggie tells us all that Billy Martin may have been an anti-Semite.

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Blog Jam: Chase Utley Has 2 Words for Boo Birds

• THE 700 LEVEL hears Phillies slugger Chase Utley giving a reasonable response to all the boo birds at Yankee Stadium on Monday night.

Chase Utley Home Run Derby

• Meanwhile, REAL CLEAR SPORTS catches Rick Reilly complaining about too many white players participating in the Home Run Derby.

• Speaking of racist chatter, DEADSPIN discovers Reggie Jackson having the chutzpah to call an artist Jewish, just because the two were haggling over the price of a painting.

• On a related note, BUGS & CRANKS raises some interest in presenting their MLB All-Dick Team.

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Panama City Memories; Phil Likes Tafoya’s Dress

Good luck to JT tonight - but we do have a soft spot for Priscilla Presley.

SbB Girl Cecilia at Spring Break

(SbB Girl Cecilia’s brush with a former NBA great - Vinny, Keystone Light?)

• Taking a fond look back at last weekend’s Panama City excursion.

Phil Jackson puts the moves on Michele Tafoya.

• The owners of the Indiana Pacers supposedly want to give Larry the Bird.

Reggie Jackson is going, going, gone from the Yanks’ spring training dugout.

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Reggie Jackson Undressed by MLB for the Spring

Sadly, Mr. October can no longer be Mr. March for the Yankees this year. Major League Baseball, still in a tizzy about the continuing ticklefest between the Yankees and Rays, has ordered Reggie Jackson to take off the Yankees pinstripes for the remainder of this season’s spring training games and fined Jackson the grand sum of $250.

Reggie Jackson making love on Billy Crystal

(Make love not war, Reggie)

Jackson claims to have only been wearing his Yankees windbreaker and cap when he stepped onto the field for the latest fracas, clearly confusing the uniform violation for jogging out during a flight just to show the old man’s still part of the team. The best part of his ‘explanation’, though? Don Zimmer did it, so I can, too.

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