UPDATE: HS Player Disciplined For Referee Abuse

Last week, we brought you some ULTRA-EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of a high school football player who purposefully blind-sided a ref during a game. Well, today we have confirmation that the player has been officially disciplined according to the “student code of conduct”, whatever that means.

Ref hit

Oh, who are we kidding? We just want an excuse to run the ref-smacking video one more time. It’s immediately after the jump.

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Mitch: The Joe Carter Thing Apparently Still Stings

The PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS reports that last Saturday at a girls youth basketball game in suburban Philadelphia, Mitch Williamscursed at a female referee who was calling a basketball game in which his daughter, a fifth-grader, was playing.

Mitch Williams

(Salsa Southpaw Hurls Spicy Language)

Williams thought his daughter was getting repeatedly fouled with no calls coming from the official. So, as any right-thinking parent who gave up a World Series-winning home run would do, he dropped an f-bomb on the youth league official. Read more…