Why Tattoos Usually Aren’t Worth It, Vol. 598,214

Do you have a tattoo? Odds are that it’s stupid. No really, it’s stupid. You’re going to grow up and have kids and they’re going to ask why you drew a skull with fire coming out its eyeholes on your leg, and you’re not going to have an answer that doesn’t make you look even dumber than before.

Marcin Gortat Leg Thing
(Is it really “sticking it to the man” if you ink yourself with a corporate logo and the company doesn’t even pay you?)

And then there’s the financial aspect of it all. Yes, the worst tattoos from a “get a job” standpoint are still the face tattoo (what the hell, seriously people) and the cursive name on the side of your neck (you might as well have written “I have gone to jail on assault charges” there). But for an NBA player, corporate logos can be just as damaging to the prospect of making more money. Marcin Gortat, ye of the Jumpman leg tattoo, we’re looking right at you.

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Walking NCAA Violation Scares Off UCLA, USC

USC and UCLA, two college basketball powerhouses and two bitter rivals were chomping at the bit to sign Renardo Sidney, one of the top prep talents in the nation. Then, all of a sudden — nothing. Both schools withdrew their interest. What could be so damning about a prospect that schools would back away so quickly, and in the case of USC, after he had already committed?

Renardo Sidney

As always seems the case in the NCAA, the problem was money. More specifically, lots of it and no clear source for it. Both schools aborted their recruiting of Sidney, the number two power foward in the country, due to questions over his family’s finances and an insinuation that they expected to be paid for signing with a school.

If you’ve ever wondered how many potential NCAA violations are too many, even for USC, now you’ve got your answer.

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The Perfect Video You Were Supposed(?) To See

Many viewers - especially in New York, not so much in Boston - will fondly recall the Reebok ad immediately shown after the exciting conclusion of Super Bowl XLII:

But LARRY BROWN SPORTS digs up the version you were supposedly supposed to see, had Eli played like E-L-I instead of the M-V-P in the closing seconds:

In following with the NFL’s policy on Super Bowl apparel, the above ad will still be shown in Romania & Nicaragua.