Hero Kid Catches Two Fouls, Robs Red Sox Fans

So often the news is bad when it comes to baseball spectators and balls hit into the stands (Cub fans, you know who you are). America longs for a feel-good story about snagging baseballs, and here it is. Below you see CJ (last name unknown), who caught not one but two foul balls off the bat of the Rangers’ Josh Hamilton on Sunday — during the same at-bat.


But the best part for many people is that this kid caught both fouls directly in front of a pair of Red Sox fans. Robbed! Face! Red Sox Nation cannot be happy about this.

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Boston Fans Blow Off The Return of Red Sox

Last week the BOSTON GLOBE reported that there were empty seats for some of the ALCS games at Fenway Park between the Rays and the Red Sox. Apparently people weren’t buying seats even at under-face-value prices.

Boston blows off Red Sox upon club's return

Well, at the time, I found it pretty hard to believe that the honorable members of Red Sox Nation would abandon and embarrass their team in that fashion. It couldn’t be true!

Then I saw an ASSOCIATED PRESS report about the club’s return home to Boston this morning. Read more…

DirecTV Disaster Leaves Red Sox Fans In The Dark

Next week, Tim MacMahon live blogs Casey Kasem’s “America’s Top 40″.

• Red Sox Nation declares war on DirecTV for losing the Tokyo transmission.

Smashed TV

• But it’s a good thing the free couches didn’t arrive yet, or those would’ve followed the satellite dishes out the window.

• There’s still hope for Packers fans: Brett Favre isn’t officially retired yet.

• In his new book, Jose Canseco claims he helped turn A-Rod, Magglio Ordonez and Mike Wallace onto steroids.

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Baby Boss Hank Declares War On Red Sox Nation

We can be serious: John McEnroe needs a ticket & a cab - and a friend.

• Baby Boss Hank Steinbrenner declares war on Red Sox Nation:

Hank Steinbrenner Red Sox dog

• Michigan’s women’s basketball coach is not too pleased in the post-game.

• No noose is good noose outside Kelly Tilghman’s old house.

• One Arizona fan tries to cool off USC by throwing a water bottle.

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Baby Boss: Red Sox Nation “A Bunch Of Bullsh*t”

Baseball’s just starting, and Red Sox Nation already has reason to be riled up this year: Hank Steinbrenner thinks you’re all “a bunch of bullsh*t“.

Hank Steinbrenner Red Sox suck signature

SLIDING INTO HOME comes across a NEW YORK TIMES article that has an in-depth look at the new leaders of the New York Yankees - Hank & his brother Hal. (And we do mean in-depth - the story’s nine web pages long.)

Near the end of the piece, Hank decides to take a swing at the supporters of his hated division rival: Read more…