Zambrano’s About To Suffer Caffeine Withdrawal

Can we get a straight diagnosis on Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano? MLB.COM says his potassium level is low, while the SUN-TIMES says it’s more than that. It’s all that damn Red Bull. Hey, at least it’s not a twisted testicle. (Yet.)

Cubs fight Zambrano Barrett

(”C’mon, dude, gimme a sip of your Mountain Dew!” “No way man, you owe me from the last one.” “You know I’m good for it!”)

His hydration problems came to light on Monday when he “changed sweat-soaked shirts three times during Monday‚Äôs start,” even though he had plenty of fluids, including Gatorade. In the 7th inning, they had to yank him in lieu of a reliever because of muscle cramps. So they’re going to send his sweat to the Gatorade Sports Science Institute for evaluation. Read more…