VH1 Pulls A Buffalo, Signs ‘The T.O. Show’ (Video)

Undoubtedly, many in Buffalo bristled when the Bills signed the media circus that is Terrell Owens over this offseason. While his on-field talents are undeniable, there’s always the lingering specter of discontent submarining a clubhouse and a season, borne out during every year of Owens’ career as he still doesn’t have a Super Bowl ring.

Terrell Owens Popcorn
(Welcome to Get Your Popcorn, Volume 2. But let’s try not to make such a mess of the refreshments this time, shall we?)

Worse yet, the blowups have become so high-profile that sometimes the level of coverage becomes a story in and of itself. And while that may be an invitation for disaster for a Buffalo club that probably needs a lot more help than a mercurial WR in order to achieve relevance in the Super Bowl race, at least VH1 had the wherewithal to realize that he’d be absolute gold for their team.

So without further ado, after the break, the five-minute trailer for The T.O. Show, premiering in two weeks. We have to warn you; it’s ludicrously silly.

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Michael Vick Reality Show May Soon Be A Reality

Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is set to be released from federal custody into the wild on July 20. This is a fact that has been reported upon again and again, and by nearly every media outlet, from ESPN to FOX NEWS and everywhere in between. Even while Vick was locked up in faraway Leavenworth, Kansas, there was a steady stream of coverage of the fallen Atlanta Falcons QB’s prison exploits and financial woes. As Vick’s release date nears, it’s a sure bet that this coverage will intensify ad nauseum, both in the sports and the mainstream media.

However, if constant SportsCenter updates and Larry King interviews won’t be enough for people to get their fix of Michael Vick news, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER has some good news. There’s a Michael Vick reality show in the works, coming soon to a ratings-hungry television network near you!

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Canseco To Seek Out, Crush Remaining Dignity

Have you ever seen the show Moment of Truth on FOX?

If you haven’t, here’s a quick summary of the show. Contestants are asked a series of personal questions while attached to a lie detector before the show. They are then put on stage in front of an audience and their closest friends and relatives while asked the questions again. If they answer truthfully (and destroy their marriages and families along the way), they get money. If they choose to save their dignity, they get nothing. It’s basically a microcosm of American life.

Well it looks as though the folks at the Moment of Truth may have met their match, because they’ve found a contestant with absolutely no dignity left. That’s right, baseball’s steroid bullhorn and Vai Sikahema’s personal punching bag Jose Canseco is going to be a contestant on the show.

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