Charles Barkley Has Advice For Shawne Merriman

As I do with most issues in life, I have reserved judgment on this whole Shawne Merriman-Tila Tequila controversy until I’ve heard what Charles Barkley has to say. As we learned on Friday, the San Diego District Attorney’s office dismissed the case against Merriman, in which Tequila, real name Tila Nguyen, accused the Chargers’ star of choking her and throwing her to the ground.

Tila Tequila, Charles Barkley, Shawne Merriman

Barkley, on ESPN Radio in Dallas, had some words of advice for Merriman. I’m not sure why — Barkley didn’t sound as if he knew exactly who Merriman was. But it was the first question he was asked, and he responded by bashing reality TV in general. Read more…

Lawsuit Claims Michael Irvin Stole “4th And Long”

Sadly, Michael Irvin’s new reality show, “4th and Long,” is not about Howie Long and Davis Love III’s son. I don’t even know if Davis has a “Fourth.” It is about making people who want to go to the NFL vomit as many times as possible, evidently, as they work toward a spot on the Dallas Cowboys’ practice roster.*

(If you can’t even successfully sue this guy…)

It might not be completely surprising, then, to learn that according to the DALLAS MORNING NEWS, the show has already earned itself its first lawsuit. It might surprise you that the suit doesn’t come from a participant who cookie-tossed an internal organ into a nearby trash can after running wind sprints for 30 minutes straight, but rather three guys who said they had the idea first:  Read more…

Dolphins Cheerleaders Perk Up The Amazing Race

Let’s face it - most of our exposure to reality shows comes from noting the attractive women in the commercials. Well, now those hot girls in the commercials have a tenuous sports angle!

Dolphins cheerleaders Amazing Race

Cara Rosenthal and Jaime Edmondson are Miami Dolphin cheerleaders by day, but Amazing Race contestants by, err, also day. If you’ve ever watched the Amazing Race, you know this can only end with them hating each other’s guys, pulling each other’s hair, maybe having a lingerie pillow fight or two.

Pics of your new favorite team, after the jump.

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Rose Bowl Thrashing Not Reality Enough For Zook

U of Illinois head football coach Ron Zook is an absolutely dogged recruiter and coming off a top season for the program, complete with Rose Bowl appearance as the sacrificial lamb to USC and Pete Carroll.

So, what is he doing for a follow-up with this new-found attention on what used to be a floundering program? He and his football team will be part of a season of reality TV on the BIG TEN NETWORK.

Ron Zook, waterskiing

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE’s Teddy Greenstein says “Illinois Football: The Journey” will be a 10-13 episode series airing on the conference’s cable channel, which has had some difficulty getting off the ground and into homes.

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Jennifer Braff Nude Photos Escape Gaze Of Age Of Love Viewers And Media

“AGE OF LOVE” OLDSTER WAS NUDIE MODEL FOR PLAYBOY: By now you probably now about the frightfully inane “Age of Love” fake reality show wrought on us by NBC. In the program’s recent finale, former competitive tennis pro Mark Philippoussis picked a 20-something aspiring “Blind Date” contestant over 48-year-old Jennifer Braff.

Jennifer Braff Nude

In the aftermath, LOS ANGELES TIMES reporter Robyn Norwood proudly describes Braff as an “executive assistant to Lakers owner Jerry Buss,” who “made an impressive showing by finishing second to a 25-year-old.” The gist of the mention of Braff focuses on Philippoussis, who is described by Norwood as “awkward and unsophisticated.”

Jennifer Braff Nude

Braff: “I went on a TV show and the guys kept saying he was a little dense and kept trying to get me to say it.

Shocking that NBC TV executives would throw Philippoussis under the bus behind his back, eh?

Jennifer Braff Nude

Not so shocking is the media ignoring Ms. Braff’s “professional” past - as a nudie model. She has appeared in Playboy on multiple occasions and has also shown up hawking autographed photos at L.A.’s porn convention “Glamourcon” all well before her mainstream TV debut.

Funny how that didn’t make it into any of the MSM media mentions and NBC press releases. We wonder how all the middle-America housewives who lived and died with Braff’s weekly travails on the show would have felt if NBC had let them in on its dirty little secret.