Blog Jam: Rays Getting A Bit Ahead of Themselves

• Yeah, I like you too, Rays, but let’s not start counting our chickens before they hatch now. HOME RUN DERBY points out that this is an officially licensed shirt, not some fan creation selling on the street. Just what we need: a bunch of entitled a-hole Rays fans running around.

Rays cocky t-shirt

• CAGE POTATO reports that former UFC fighter Joe Son has been linked to a 1990 gang rape via DNA testing.

• FANHOUSE informs us that the Titans will lose a fifth-round pick to the Cowboys if the cornerback formerly known as Pacman gets himself arrested and/or suspended. In other words, the Titans are losing a fifth-round pick to the Cowboys.

Charlie Manuel’s mother died this morning, but he’ll manage today’s Game 2 of the NLCS, says MLB.COM.

• On the day The Express opens, THAT MINORITY THING has some words about Ernie Davis.

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