Dwyane Wade’s New $1.7M Chicago Townhouse

Dwyane Wade has always embraced his hometown of Chicago. He played his college ball just up Interstate 94 in Milwaukee and he’s made his South Side roots the cornerstone of his public persona. He’s connected enough to his hometown that rumors fly every year about Wade potentially getting traded to the Bulls; it just seems to make sense to people.

Dwyane Wade Chicago Townhouse

So, what kind of place would a celebrity Chicago native (and housing market expert) be expected to use as a swingin’ bachelor pad during his time back in his hometown? For Dwyane Wade, the answer is evidently this newly-remodeled $1.7 million townhome in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. We’ve got the virtual tour; decide after the jump whether it looks like a great place for a weed-smoking sex party to you.

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Mo Vaughn Is The Best Landlord Since Don Knotts

If you’re like me, you find yourself constantly wondering what Mo Vaughn is up to these days. And if you’re like me, you assume the answer is just “eating.” But no, the former Red Sox slugger seems to have made a second career for himself in the real estate biz. Vaughn’s company purchased a housing complex just north of Boston and plan to give it a $6 million renovation.

Mo Vaughn

(Mo Vaughn BC [before cupcakes])

Since retiring in 2003, Vaughn’s Omni New York LLC has restored ‘affordable-housing complexes’ (read: projects) in Brooklyn, the Bronx and Yonkers. Considering Hit Dog didn’t exactly endear himself to New York during his time with the Mets, it’s a nice gesture that he’s giving back to the city where he made his name. Vaughn talks about his new life as a landlord, after the jump (I recommend reading his quotes aloud in a Mr. Furley voice).

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Favre House For Sale, Well Maybe, Isn’t Sure Yet

Brett Favre’s Wisconsin home is reportedly on the market, according to the GREEN BAY PRESS GAZETTE.  The 3,000 square foot home, which has 3 touchdowns bathrooms and 4 interceptions bedrooms, can be picked off by a lucky buyer for just $475K.

 Brett Favre in jorts

(Plenty of closet space for your jean shorts collection)

A closer look at the listing reveals plenty of space in the backyard to toss the pigskin around in Wrangler jeans, a waffle maker to whip up a tasty breakfast while agonizing over career decisions, ample medicine cabinets, and a doghouse for your attention hound.

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Blog-O-Licious: Housing Crisis Hits Ballers, Too

Some links from all around as I sweat out the California heat wave without A/C:

• PRO FOOTBALL TALK divulges that Adam “Don’t Call Me Pacman” Jones is defaulting on the mortgage on his Tennessee home.

Pacman Jones' home

(This bedroom is part of the home that could be yours if you show up at the courtroom auction.)

• Mr. Jones is not alone on the real estate issues front, as THE BIG LEAD writes on the California real-estate company that’s on the down and out after getting investments from jocks like Matt Light, Roy Halladay, and Vladimir Guerrero.

• The IRISH BAND OF BROTHERS discovers Notre Dame is having some issues finding an alum willing to take on its vacant athletic director position. (Duties include keeping Charlie Weis’ chocolate fountain flowing at all times.)

• Gotta love Redskins TE Chris Cooley – via his COOLEY ZONE blog, he lets us in on his upcoming Eastern Motors ad, and is even looking for nicknames to use in the ad, too.

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