Your Dream Now A Reality: Pee In Peyton’s Place

It’s a common fantasy for all sports fans: For one day, to be able to head over to your local fitness center, walk into the men’s room, and take a brisk pee in the exact same urinal as your favorite sports hero. Well, for Colts fans living in the Indianapolis area, that dream has become a reality! Xanadu!

Colts urinal

(”Pee Like a Champion Today!”)

The above urinal used to be in use, so to speak, inside the Colts locker room at the RCA Dome. But with that eyesore mere days away from demolition, they had to find a place for this valuable piece of memorabilia. As a result, the average Joe Schmo can urinate in the exact same place where MVP Peyton Manning (probably) has as well!

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RCA Dome Deflated, Just Like Colts’ Current Play

After a Sunday night slaughter by the Chicago Bears and a last-second escape by the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Indianapolis Colts are now 0-2 in their luxurious new Lucas Oil Stadium (complete with old-timey obstructed views). However, if Peyton Manning & pals have any desire to move back to their previous football home, those plans have been deflated.

Peyton Manning RCA Dome deflates

(Peyton can’t bear to watch - too many memories)

WISH-TV reports the air-supported roof of the RCA Dome has slowly sunk out of sight, the first step in the football stadium’s demolition. In a special ceremony today, former Indy mayor Bill Hudnut, who was in office when the pre-corporate-named Hoosier Dome was built in 1984, gave the official call to turn off the stadium fans that were holding up the roof.

(Video of the dome’s deflation is after the jump. *Warning* - video starts playing immediately.)

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