Bloggie Doggie: Even Erin Couldn’t Save The Bee

Erin Andrews was supposed to sexify the National Spelling Bee, but THE GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS says that didn’t happen.

Erin Andrews gets the pageviews

(If I didn’t share a picture of her, you wouldn’t have paid attention to this post.)

• Player access? What problem with player access? The NEW YORK TIMES’ Tyler Kepner gets an impromptu crash course on sweet spot hitting from Orioles slugger Luke Scott.

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RBI Baseball Could Return; Neneh Cherry Next?

KOTAKU scanned the list of upcoming games rated by the ESRB for naughtiness and found a new game apparently coming out for Xbox Live Arcade that made our pre-teen self clap his hands gleefully and tape up his thumbs to protect against Atari thumb: RBI Baseball is on the remake trail, baby!

RBI Baseball

The original, a Nintendo staple in the Tuffy household, worked the split-screen magic to allow users to play with their real baseball heroes (all of whom were Gaedel-sized and curiously one-shaded) for hours on end every summer day while Tuffy’s mother cajoled him to play baseball outside while it’s still nice out or else you’ll turn into a pasty white blogger when you grow up.

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