NFL Fan Cuffed, Ejected For Rooting For Raiders

Oakland Raiders fans have a reputation around the NFL. It’s not the best one, either, as painting your face to look like a skeleton while putting two-foot spikes on your shoulders tends to make people think you’re evil or in desperate need of a girlfriend. Is it fair?  Probably not. I mean, sure, Raiders fans are an odd bunch, but just because some of them dress like hooligans it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are.

(Now why would you handcuff and eject these fine, upstanding gentlemen?)

Still, it would seem that the folks at Raymond James Stadium weren’t taking any chances during Sunday’s game. With the Bucs having lost three straight to fall to 9-6 and putting themselves in danger of missing the playoffs entirely after a 9-3 start, it seems the folks at Raymond James wanted to make sure the home team got all the support it could. They didn’t want any of those Raiders fans around letting the Bucs know that they suck, which is probably why they handcuffed one of them and threw him out of the stadium.

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