Erin Andrews In Line For Possible Playboy Repeat

• Can Erin Andrews make it two-in-a-row in Playboy’s sexiest sportscaster contest? Well, she’s got quite the competition this time around.

Erin Andrews Kung Fu Grip

• All-American hero? A-Rod’s allegiances lie with the Dominican Republic.

• The Rays need someone to suit up as their mascot. Could it be you?

• Some sports traditions die hard - like racism in South African cricket.

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Your Shot At Baseball Mascot Immortality Awaits

The Tampa Bay Rays mascot is Raymond, which is…well, not a Ray of any kind (Devil or otherwise). He’s sort of a blobby purple fellow with a white mustache. He’s officially described as a “Seadog,” but I have no idea what that means. To me, he sort of like Grover from Sesame Street crossed with Youppi, the former Montreal Expos mascot.

Rays mascot Raymond

Whatever the hell he is, now is your chance to step into his giant shoes: the ST. PETERSBURG TIMES is reporting that the Rays are looking for a new person to take over the role of Raymond for the upcoming season. Technically, the online job listing is for a Mascot/Marketing and Game Entertainment Coordinator, but we all know what you’ll really be doing: sweating like it’s July in a Thai prison inside a huge, uncomfortable suit.

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