Awful New Details On Adenhart DUI Driver Emerge

The ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER has new information from the grand jury investigation into the car crash that killed Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim rookie pitcher Nick Adenhart. And if you didn’t already have the overwhelming urge to see accused DUI driver Andrew Gallo murdered in the most sadistic and cruel manner possible before, you will after reading about his actions in the aftermath of the crash that killed Adenhart and two others near Angels Stadium in April.

Andrew Gallo

Not only did Gallo admit to police officers after the crash that he “absolutely” should not have been driving the night of the crash, he was apparently so hammered that he has no idea why he was in Fullerton in the first place since he and his step-brother had been drinking in Covina (almost 25 miles away).  Especially since he “had never been in the city of Fullerton, doesn’t know anyone in the city of Fullerton and doesn’t know why he would be in the city of Fullerton.”

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