Khloe’s NBAer-Ex: She ‘made the whole thing up’

Not exactly a startling revelation, but NBA player Rashad McCants this week told the NEW YORK POST that he had already split with Khloe Kardashian when Kardashian taped an episode of her faux reality show about a fraudulent scenario between the two.

Khloe Kardashian Rashad McCants

There was nothing real about his stint on former girlfriend Khloe Kardashian’s reality show. The shooting guard said Khloe and sister Kourtney, who claimed he cheated on Khloe, “made the whole thing up.” McCants said a “Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami” episode — where they were seen hacking into McCants’ voice mail and listening to suggestive phone messages apparently left for him by a female fan — was staged.

He said the curvy sisters did not have his current phone number and he and Khloe “had already called it quits” in January, before the segment was even taped. 

I don’t know if this is the case already or not, but shouldn’t *reality* shows start airing disclaimers before the program airs, to alert viewers that they are being mislead and deceived? Read more…

It’s Over: SG McCants Dumps Khloe Kardashian

Everyone get out your tissues, because one of the creepier pseudo-celebrity couples just broke up: As of Saturday night, North Carolina turned Minnesota shartshooter Rashad McCants and Khloe Kardashian are no longer an item.

khloe kardashian rashad mccants

(How anyone could feel comfortable with that guy around is mystifying.)

We know, it’s a shocker. Everyone thought they were made to be together. After all, Khloe loves the spotlight almost as much as her sister Kim, and McCants, well, he loves Apple Bottom jeans, boots with the furrrrrrrr and, you get the idea. But there’s no doubting the dissolution of this romantic union, which we first reported on back on Jan. 1, because it comes from the horse’s mouth. No, she doesn’t look like a horse, it’s just an unfortunate phrase. The following excerpt comes directly from the younger Ms. Kardashian’s personal blog, KHLOEKARDASHIAN.COM

“Hey guys.  I wanted you all to be the first to hear the news that as of last night Rashad and I are no longer together.  Relationships are hard enough as is when you live in the same city, and he’s in a different city everyday for games. Our time together was just so limited because of both of our schedules that we decided it is best not to be in a committed relationship.”

It’s so, so true. Relationships are hard, and schedules can get so hectic, particularly when one half of a couple is a constantly travelling professional and the other half sits on her ass being the famous sister of a girl who became famous for a sex tape.

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Week in Review: Tennis Babes Set for SI Swimsuits

• SI is planning to serve up Russian tennis hotties Tatiana Golovin & Maria Kirilenko in their next swimsuit issue.

Tatiana Golovin Maria Kirilenko

Charles Barkley rings in the new year with donuts, DUIs, blow jobs, big bar tabs - and Urkel.

Elle MacPherson, still not afraid to flash some flesh at 44.

Danica Patrick gets pulled over for speeding. Oh, the delicious irony! (Namely because Danica herself is quite delicious.)

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Kardashian Sis Sets Sights On T-Wolves’ McCants

Those Kardashian women sure like their men on the sporty side. Kim is running around with Saints RB Reggie Bush. Mom Kris has jumped in the sack with former Olympian Bruce Jenner. And now sister Khloe is bouncing her way toward an NBA player.

Khloe Kardashian Rashad McCants

The NATIONAL LEDGER informs us that Khloe has hooked up with Rashad McCants of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Apparently Reggie was the one playing matchmaker in bringing the two together. Ain’t love grand.

(We think T-Wolves teammate Marko Jaric grabbed a better trophy in Adriana Lima, but that’s just us.)

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