Catching Up With Craig James, Whitest Man Ever

During his heyday with the Patriots in the 1985-86 season, Craig James was known throughout the sporting world as “The Great White Hope” because of his odd pale skin color in a position dominated by, well, less white folks. (Conventional wisdom is that white people just aren’t smart enough to play running back.) In fact, James’ 1,227 rushing yards he put up that year are still the last time a white running back has passed that all-important 1,000-yard barrier. So for someone always associated with the color of his odd skin, it’s no surprise that James spends his free time doing one of the whitest things imaginable: Stone cold ranchin’, Texas-style!

Craig James

(Glory Days: Craig James circa 1986)

In an interview with NEWSOK, James comes clean with what he does when he’s not manning the broadcast booths for ESPN’s college football coverage: raising some cattle in the great state of Texas. Honestly, besides square-dancing, wearing pants up around your belly-button, or watching “Mad About You”, is there anything more inherently white than cattle ranching?

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