Blog Expo-Fest-O-Rama: Help a Bald Brother Out

• Okay, so it’s not sports-related, but we rather insist.  (And thanks to RIDING WITH RICKY.)

• We’d be more concerned about the Dolphins unwittingly giving up their secrets to the Jets, but… come ON.  They’re the Dolphins.  Here’s the secret: they’re mammals but they live in the water.  Freaky, right?  And people pay to slip on a wetsuit and pet that.  Double freaky, right?  (Maybe we wouldn’t feel that way if we were INSIDE THE DOLPHINS.)

Brian Billick will now blog.  We hope he finds some way to bring his snarky and condescending attitude smoothly to the genteel world of web logging, as represented by the ladies and gentlemen of DEUCE OF DAVENPORT.  Tea time!
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