Soccer Reporter Stalking Girls On Canadian Trains

I guess if you think about it, all sports writers have to be stalkers on some level; whether it’s waiting outside a locker room to speak with athletes after a game or placing phone call after phone call trying to confirm a trade or player release, there’s a fine line between “dedicated reporter” and “needs a restraining order.” But the VANCOUVER SUN says that one reporter for a major Spanish-language newspaper may have gone blasting through that line.

Roger Grinolds

Vancouver police (or as they are called in Canada, “police“) have arrested Roger Francisco Grinolds, a freelance soccer writer for the daily newspaper Deportes Hoy (Sports Today in English), in connection with a series of incidents involving women at SkyTrain stations around the city going back to 2007. Grinolds also was involved in youth soccer, having served as team leader officer of Uruguay U-20 for the FIFA Youth World Cup Canada 2007, where he scheduled field practices, special events and media communications for the players.

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