D-Wade: Can You Hear Me Now, Beasley? No?

A one-act play, wherein one day of the Miami Heat is encompassed in a slightly humorous and revealing manner and we reveal why Michael Beasley did not return Dwyane Wade’s call recently:

Radio play

(C’mon, kids; we’re puttin’ on a play! Call Harry Morgan!)

Dwyane Wade: Thanks for Beez’s number, Coa… Pre… Pat. I’ll call him right away.

(Wade dials new Miami Heat teammate Michael Beasley; the phone rings.)

(Beasley tries to put down ice pack on his sore chest and reach for his cell phone. Unfortunately, his hands are slippery from picking up the ice pack and he drops the phone under his bed. The phone continues to ring.)

(Wade sighs at the still-ringing call when he gets another call. Caller ID shows it’s Charles Barkley. Wade rolls his eyes.)
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