Nicholls State Trades Mascot Racism For Fascism?

In 2004, Nicholls State University retired its old “Colonel Tillou” mascot after complaints that the bearded Southern soldier - modeled after the school’s founder, former Louisiana governor and Confederate officer Francis Redding Tillou Nicholls - was an ugly reminder of slavery and racism.

Nichollas State Colonels mascots now and then

(Offensive Nicholls State Mascots now and then)

So after five years of research, design & focus groups and at least $30,000 in expenses, the NEW ORLEANS TIMES-PICAYUNE says that Nicholls State has finally unveiled the new design for the mascot and logo. And many alumni and fans of the Colonels sports program say that it’s a huge change: instead of a troubling image of Southern oppression representing the school, it’s now a troubling image of fascism and totalitarian oppression. See, that’s completely different!

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