There Goes Brock Lesnar, Playing The Race Card

As multi-sport athletes go, perhaps few have been as prolific - even if just on the fringes - as Brock Lesnar, the Minnesotan Man-Mountain. He got his start as a truly fearsome heavyweight wrestler in college before participating in, at varying times, MMA, the WWE, and even training camp with the Vikings as a defensive tackle.

Brock Lesnar
(We would make jokes aboot the whole “yeah boot Minnesoota” thing, boot we can’t shake the feeling that he’s standing right behind us.)

Clearly, lots of credit needs to be given to his physique; who else can claim such a varied career in sports at such a young age? And to be fair, Lesnar does give plenty of credit to said physique, although we’re beginning to wonder if maybe the credit’s getting a little bit misdirected.

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