Leyritz Awfully Inconvenienced By Breathalyzer

In perhaps the least sympathetic story in sports history, World Series hero-turned-alleged killer drunk driver Jim Leyritz has petitioned a judge to remove the Breathalyzer device in his car.

Jim Leyritz Mugshot

(Leyritz’s quandary: “Chicken Marsala” vs. dead woman)

And just so we’re clear, that Breathalyzer is in his car as a condition of his release from jail as he awaits trial for vehicular manslaughter. Yes, this is the same Jim Leyritz who (allegedly) ran a red light and struck a car carrying a 30-year-old mother of two (above), killing her.  The Breathalyzer makes sure he can’t drive drunk again between now and his trial. And he wants it gone.

Oh, and lest you think the most tasteless part of this story is the mere fact that Leyritz is making such a request, check out the reasons given. Read more…