12-Year-Old QB Sills Is Ready For College Offers

Steve Clarkson is known as a quarterback king maker. He started the hype machine that led to Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen being called “one of the greatest high school recruits ever”. He helped launch the careers of Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Leinart, J.P. Losman (maybe not such an endorsement) and Gino Toretta. Now he’s in the early stages of launching a primo career for David Sills, a Delaware native who just so happens to be 12 years old.

david sills 12 year old quarterback

(Meet the future of the quarterback position, aged 12.)

That’s right folks, a 12 year-old is running through passing drills and prepping himself for college recruitment. He reportedly received a questionnaire from UCLA a year ago, and he’s not alone. According to this piece from CBSSPORTSLINE, Clarkson is tutoring no fewer than four middle school quarterbacks across the country, teaching them advanced formations and schematics as if they were seniors in high school.

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The Brady Quinn Era Might Start This Weekend

Before the 2008 NFL season began, the Cleveland Browns were one of the trendy picks to win the AFC North after finished 10-6 last season and made some improvements to their defense to go along with what was supposed to be a high-powered offense.   Well, three weeks into the NFL schedule, that high-powered offense has mustered a whopping 8.7 points per game and Cleveland is 0-3.

The 8.7 points per game is the lowest of any team in the NFL this season, and that includes that St. Louis Rams and Kansas City Chiefs (whom I believe are holding contests before the game to see which fan gets to start at quarterback), and a big reason for that is that Derek Anderson has the lowest QB rating of any starter in the league.   All of which makes you wonder how much longer Derek is going to be starting before the Browns turn to Brady Quinn.

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