Double Amputee Swimmer Has Basketball For Body

Recently we posted a story about how basketball is now the most popular sport in China, surpassing soccer. But 12-year-old Chinese swimmer Qian Hongyan has long been ahead of that trend, as she quite obviously preferred basketball beginning nine years ago.


(Qian has been fortunate enough to avoid dreaded NBA composite balls)

A two-year-old report from CHINA DAILY (via DEADSPIN) has the reason:

The 10 year-old was injured trajically in an auto accident when she was only 3 years old. To insure her survival, the doctors were forced to amputate her legs.

Qian’s family, living in Zhuangxia, China, was unable to afford modern prosthetics and instead used a half a basketball to get around on. Once on the ball she uses two wooden props to help her move around.

The little girl, who is now in training for the 2012 Paralympic Games, has become an inspirational story throughout China.


More pics and video of her after the jump. Read more…