Finally, You Get To Chose An NBA Dance Team

So, you’d like to vote for those plucky kids on “American Idol”, but just can’t stand watching it due to all the Seacrest? Well, here’s some democracy you can get behind: The Phoenix Suns are letting fans vote to see who will make the final roster for the Suns Dancers.

Ashley Roberts leads Suns dancers

(No, you may not vote for Ashley Roberts)

The Suns Dancers are currently holding auditions, as if you didn’t know, with the finals coming on Saturday (video and more photos following the jump). And featured on the team site is a page where fans can vote for the final 16 they think should make the squad. Two things about that, though:

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Week In Review: QB Sanchez Does GQ, Gets Girl

• He hasn’t even thrown a pass yet, but Jets QB Mark Sanchez is already cementing his status as a Big Apple sex symbol with a GQ photo spread:

Mark Sanchez Hilary Rhoda GQ shoot

And Hilary Rhoda, the bikini-clad babe sharing the snapshot spotlight, is also apparently Mark’s new main squeeze.

Tony Kornheiser gives up his “Monday Night Football” gig, so ESPN tabs Jon Gruden as his replacement. It should be fun, considering what the ex-Bucs coach has said in the past about the Worldwide Leader.

• Will recent sex scandals cause Australian rugby to ban its cheerleaders?

• The Pepsi Center double-books a Nuggets-Lakers playoff game & WWE’s “Monday Night Raw” on the same night. Of course, Vince McMahon is going to have lots of fun with this Denver Debacle.

• Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger is hoping her boyfriend, Formula One star Lewis Hamilton, will soon race with her to the wedding altar.

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Mark Sanchez Turns on the Sex Jets for GQ Shoot

• New Jets QB Mark Sanchez struts his stuff in a new photoshoot for GQ:

Mark Sanchez GQ

• Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger is hoping that Formula One star Lewis Hamilton will soon be driving her to the wedding chapel.

• Nice to see the 1962 Mets show up at Dodger Stadium Monday night.

Michael Strahan is all set to fill in the gap of Fox sitcom programming.

• Vancouver’s sex workers are getting some tips on how to deal with the upcoming Olympic media onslaught.

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Pussycat Doll Trying To Steer F1 Star To The Altar

In the European sports scene, it’s not just soccer players who can score some fine female companionship. Formula One drivers do pretty well for themselves, too. Like Jenson Button getting to celebrate his victories with marvelous model Jessica Michibata. And Lewis Hamilton getting to party post-race with Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.

Lewis Hamilton Nicole Scherzinger

But now it seems that Nicole wants Lewis to make an honest woman out of her. Good luck with that, Lew - you’ll need it.

Oh wait, she means she wants to get married. (More pics of the possible bride-to-be after the jump.)

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Is All-NBA Dancer Pop Group Ready For Charts?

The Pussycat Dolls. Danity Kane. Hit musical acts that have gone to the top of the charts using a simple but successful formula: easily-digestible, fluffy pop and hot chicks dancing around in little clothing. Another thing they share is ex-NBA dancer squad members in the group. But FRESNO BEACH reports that a new group called Sweet 88 wants to change all this. Instead of having one or two hot former NBA dancers as singers, all five of their members are hot former NBA dancers.

Sweet 88

What a twist! The A&R rep that passes on this group is going to be a bigger idiot than the guy who turned down The Beatles because “guitar groups were on their way out.” I mean, five ex-NBA dancers? What more could you want? Oh, catchy songs and good singing. Well, apparently you don’t know the music industry, because that’s not really important right now.

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Nicole Scherzinger And Some NBAer In a Nike Ad

Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls, who happens to be the gfriend of new F1 champ Lewis Hamilton, stars in a new viral ad for Nike.

After Six Nike Ad Lebron James Nicole Scherzinger

Lebron James also appears. Video after the jump (and obligatory piccie of Ms. Scherzinger): Read more…