Puppy Bowl IV Fetches Record Number of Viewers

Fox wasn’t the only big ratings winner on Sunday. MULTICHANNEL NEWS reports that Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl” also fetched record numbers of viewers.

Puppy Bowl

Over 8 million pet-lovers tuned in to the 12-hour marathon, watching cute li’l doggies run around a small specially-made field while chewing on toys, referee dolls, and each other. Viewership was up 35% from last year’s telecast, as this season’s Bowl was the first to be shown in HD.

With those kind of numbers, maybe Gary Bettman should re-think his deal with Versus.

Blog-O-Rama: Stacy Keibler & The Ickey Shuffle

• DC SPORTS BOG gets the opportunity of a lifetime - by teaching former WWE diva Stacy Kiebler the Ickey Shuffle.

Ickey Woods Stacy Keibler

• TRUE HOOP gives their condolences to these NBA All-Star snubs.

• AOL FANHOUSE reveals that Washington Redskins great Darrell Green is not necessarily a lock for the Hall of Fame.

• FAN IQ’s 100% INJURY RATE steps into the video vault, and comes back with the ’80s Lakers rapping against drugs.

'80s Lakers rapping against drugs

• Last week, Osi Umenyiora called Matt Light a dirty player. Now NEWSDAY’S INSIDE THE GIANTS finds the New York lineman wanting to make amends with the Patriot.

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Yahoo Sports #1; Lingerie Loss Puppy Bowl’s Gain

SbB passes along a rundown of the non-Randy Moss news of the day:

• Yahoo Sports is now grabbing more visitors than ESPN.com:

ESPN.com traffic now trails Foxsports.com

• We can handle the loss of the Lingerie Bowl, just as long as the Puppy Bowl pounces onward.

Rick Neuheisel should have kept his players on shorter leashes during his U-Dub days.

George Brett no longer has the appetite for the restaurant business.

• A wedding gown-wearing reporter at Super Bowl Media Day asks for Tom Brady’s hand in marriage:

Ines Gomez Mont asks Tom Brady about marriage

• A new SI cover will show Tiger Woods as Jesus.

• Pardon the pulse interruption, but Michael Wilbon is recovering nicely from a heart attack.

Schrutebag wants to start a blog? Seriously?

It’s About The Same As The Lingerie Bowl Anyway

CAKE ROCKS THE PARTY has an epic post today on Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl™ IV, which is described on the network’s website (in rather boring detail) as. “We’ve traded in linebackers for labradors and quarterbacks for corgis and we’re releasing the hounds for PUPPY BOWL IV on Sunday.

Animal Planet Puppy Bowl

Sadly, Bryant Gumbel will be bathrobed at home for the big game, as “the renowned Harry Kalas, voice of NFL Films, returns to call the play-by-plays of this year’s game.

Thankfully, like any ever-vigilant, sports-themed website with an apparent furry bent, CRTP livens things up by breaking down the rosters (by offense and defense no less) for our amusement.

One oversight: How there aren’t any props on what quarter Abigail the Jack Russell runs off with an end zone pylon, we have no idea.