Cal Cuts Off Supplies To Tree-Hugging Hippies

The University of California has had to deal with a contingent of tree-sitters in a grove of oak trees for years — the sitters are trying to keep the university from cutting them down in order to make way for new athletic facilities.  The CONTRA COSTA TIMES reports today that the school recently cut off some of the sitters’ supplies and mechanisms of getting food to each other.

Cal Tree Sitters

The rotating group of sitters known as “Save The Oaks” claims the trees cannot be replaced due to their age, even though the university has pledged to replace every tree cut down with three new ones.

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Cal Players Had To Sign Confidenitality Agreements Before Wearing Throwback Threads

CAL KEPT THROWBACKS SECRET; TREE-SITTER FALLS DOWN: The California Golden Bears surprised fans in Strawberry Canyon with their throwback uniforms on Saturday. And to insure the surprise, Cal’s players had to sign off on the clothes, promising not to tell anyone before the game.

Cal Bears throwback jerseys

INSIDE USC reports that the Bears had to put their John Hancocks on confidentiality agreements before donning the duds last weekend. Cal had worn the uniforms in honor of Joe Roth, a former Bears QB in the mid-70s whose promising career and life was cut short by cancer.

But the throwback threads didn’t help the Bears on the rainy night, as they sank to a 24-17 defeat at the hands of the Trojans.

Meanwhile, conditions weren’t any better for a protester living in the oaks outside of Memorial Stadium.

Tree Sitters Berkeley

The SAN JOSE MERCURY news reports a tree-sitter was injured when he fell 30 feet from his high perch. Nathaniel Hill was hanging on a suspended traverse when he slipped, suffering a broken arm & leg in the fall.A group has been living in the trees for almost a year, in protest of the University’s plans to cut the oaks down and build a sports training center.

But an Alameda County judge wants the protesters to make like the trees they’re living in, and leave. The judge recently ruled that the tree-sitters are breaking the law, and must come down or face fines, jail time, or both.

Berkeley trees

Seems like a lot more limbs - tree or otherwise - might be broken in the next week or two.