Delaware’s Exercise Enthusiasts Getting Blown

If it wasn’t for the fact that Delaware is, y’know, Delaware, it seems like it’d be a pretty awesome state. The state rakes in money hand over fist by charging out-of-staters outlandish tolls on its highways and by allowing corporations to exploit its lax regulatory system. And now the state is working to legalize sports betting, one of the raddest moves by a state since North Dakota threw that killer kegger back in ‘83.

Wayne's World Delaware

(Of course.)

Unfortunately, it’s not all sunshine and parlays in the Diamond State these days. Some bored teen (or worst domestic terrorist ever) has declared open season on the state’s cyclists and joggers with the most deadliest of deadly weapons - non-poison, non-barbed blow darts. EVERYBODY PANIC!

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The Bengals Revolution Will Be A Local Black Out

Bengals fans are a tortured bunch. Their team is awful, their front office is a shambles, and they have to live in Cincinnati when the game is over. But they’re not historically bad, as the Lions are, so it’s easy to pay no mind. Enter Project Mayhem, a ridiculously creative effort by disgruntled fans to get the word out. Their latest mission targeted the part of Paul Brown Stadium one might most associate with the team: the urinals.

Bengals Urinal Cake

Hundreds of these urinal cakes made their way to bathrooms around the stadium during yesterday’s game against Washington. Who knows how much the focusing of the fans’ passion (and urine stream) contributed to the team pulling out a win against the equally woeful Redskins? But the fact remains, the Bengals still don’t have a GM, Mike Brown is still the owner, and Project Mayhem will continue. After the jump, a look back at some of the past missions.

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