Texas HS Cheerleaders Get Probation For Hazing

This summer we brought you the story of the Morton Ranch High School varsity cheerleaders, who got into some trouble for some bizarre hazing rituals. Included in these “rituals” were defecating in pants and placing them on a JV girl’s head, and tying girls up and throwing them in a swimming pool.

Morton Ranch High School cheerleaders

Charges were filed against the offending girls, and two of them had their punishment handed out today by the D.A.’s office in Harris County, Texas. And, all things considered, it wasn’t that bad.

Photos of crazy after the jump.

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Busch & Stewart Put On Double Secret Probation

The CHARLOTTE OBSERVER races over news that Kurt Busch and Tony Stewart were each given a 6-race probation over an altercation at Daytona last Friday.

Tony Stewart Kurt Busch collision

NASCAR handed down the ruling on Tuesday, after Kurt & Tony came to blows on the track and reportedly off it.

During a practice race, Stewart hit Busch from behind and sent him into the wall. Busch then returned the favor in pit row by hitting Stewart twice in the side. Both racers then kept cutting each other off as they made their way to the garage.

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Ole Miss Football Players On Probation For Stealing Hotel Pillows

OLE MISS SWIPES SUPER 8 STUFF & MOTEL 6 MERCHANDISE: Better be careful when Ole Miss comes town. While the Rebels won’t likely steal a win, they will steal your pillows:

Ole Miss Pillow

The JACKSON CLARION-LEDGER checks out news that 20 members of the Mississippi football team have been put on probation for stealing pillows and radios from team hotels.No wonder Ole Miss has been playing so soft all year. The Rebels’ down season will finally be put to rest on Friday, when they get smothered by Mississippi State.

AD Pete Boone said that since the items were paid back for by the players, there wouldn’t be NCAA violations. And the accused appear to be OK to play against the Bulldogs.

But this latest round-up means that at least 25% of the Rebel program has gotten into some sort of legal trouble this season.

Ed Orgeron Memphis gate Graceland

When first hired, head coach Ed Orgeron declared he would put a fence around Memphis. Now the staff might want to put a fence around the practice field, just to keep their kids out of trouble - or have them get used to prison.