Maurice Clarett Props Up Prison Blogger Genre

It’s seemed for a while that everyone on the face of the earth has a blog, but now it’s official. Yes, even Maurice Clarett is blogging now… from prison. Clarett, as you no doubt know, is one of the saddest sports flameouts ever. He went from leading the Ohio State Buckeyes to the national championship in 2002 to destitution and then incarceration.

Maurice Clarett

And even though Maurice doesn’t always make sense on his blog, he honestly seems like a guy who’s using his time away from the outside world to make himself a better person (what a novel idea).

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Vick’s Financial Advisor Loves Stealing Money

With the pre-season getting under way in the NFL, you have to figure that this time of year is especially tough on Michael Vick. Instead of being on a practice field getting ready to start another season with the Atlanta Falcons, Mike is preparing to miss another NFL season while he’s confined to a prison cell. Though with the latest news surrounding Mike’s “spiritual and financial advisor” David A. Talbot, Vick is probably spending some time wondering where his money is going at the moment.

Mike Vick's financial advisor in trouble

(Not pictured: Talbot behind Vick lifting his wallet)

You see, it turns out that the man Vick tabbed to be the person to take care of his affairs while he serves his time is in a bit of hot water himself. Aside from the fact that his landlord just served him with a notice of eviction over $6,000 of unpaid rent for his New Jersey high-rise, there’s also this situation where it seems that Talbot is stealing money from his clients. Which makes you wonder why he can’t afford to pay his rent.

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