StarCraft An NCAA Sport? Nerd Schools Hope So

Aren’t we all a little tired of college basketball? I mean, who really wants to watch games all day this weekend? But with baseball still in spring training, pro basketball not mattering until the playoffs, and hockey being hockey, it looks like we have no other options for our sporting fix. But here come the Nerds Of America to save the day.

StarCraft Gamers

The first interscholastic StarCraft league kicked off last month, and is already off to a rousing start. If you don’t know what Starcraft is - congratulations, you probably had dates in high school. It’s an online multiplayer computer game, the kind you picture with overweight gamers living in their parents’ basement, living off cases of Mountain Dew. But for the experts of the Collegiate StarCraft League, it could be their ticket to fame and fortune. Or a wedgie.

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Princeton Vs. The Citadel: The Culture War Begins

Sending Princeton’s marching band to do a halftime show at The Citadel was probably a bad idea from the start: the Princeton band is known for their irreverent performances (like the Stanford Marching Band, but less organized), and the Citadel’s cadets don’t have a reputation for having the best sense of humor. So should we be shocked from a report by THE DAILY PRINCETONIAN that it turned into a fiasco? Everything from the band getting into the stadium to the halftime show was a mess, leaving the Princeton band feeling bullied and the Citadel cadets feeling disrespected.

Princeton band

The fun started when the band tried to march into campus through a guarded entrance (with, they say, prior approval). Apparently, some of the cadets doing Field Day exercises didn’t get that memo. The Princeton band said that some members were attacked, and another had his instrument broken. And there’s nothing more savage than attacking a defenseless, innocent French horn. It was an ugly Red State vs. Blue State battle come to life:

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Heels Have Clemson’s Number - 53, To Be Precise

On Sunday night, Clemson was up on North Carolina by 11 with 3 minutes left - only to see the lead disappear and finally fall to the Tar Heels in double OT. And with the loss, the Tigers also lost an opportunity to end some futility.

North Carolina Clemson 53-game winning streak

The 103-93 defeat was the 53rd straight road loss for the Tigers against UNC, giving the Heels the new record of longest home-winning streak against one opponent. In fact, Clemson has never won in Chapel Hill. Read more…

Princeton Football Player Crashes Golf Cart In Front of Cop

TIGER DRAG - PRINCETON FB PLAYER CRASHES GOLF CART: A Princeton football player was arrested last weekend for drunk driving - in a golf cart:

Golf cart

The TRENTON (NJ) TIMES reports that Martin Jancik and a friend were carting around the New Jersey school early Sunday, when they crashed - right in front of a police car.The 21-year-old Jancik was immediately cuffed, while his passenger fled the scene. The cowardly co-pilot, Ariel Rogers, was found and arrested later that day. Neither joyrider was seriously hurt.

Because of the incident, Jancik might lose some playing time - if he wasn’t on the bench already. He’s been off the active football roster since suffering an off-season injury, spending most of his time assisting with team filming and video duties.

Princeton Tiger super 8 camera

Should be quite a blooper reel he puts together this year.