This Is What Is Sounds Like, When Cowboys Cry

Minnesota hauled out the big guns on Sunday for its playoff game against the Cowboys.

Prince and Bud Grant at Minnesota-Dallas playoff game

Bud Grant? Whatta get!

Jerry Jones at Dallas-Minnesota Playoff Game

Like Jer’s gallstone, this too shall pass, Cowboys fans.

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It’s Always Advisable To Have A Backup Party Plan

News worth repeating, now that your Giant hangover should be gone by now:

Amani Toomer will have to go somewhere else for fun, now that the Pats’ victory parties are off.

Amani Toomer Tom Brady Super Bowl

• Although he watched from somewhere other than his team’s sideline, Jeremy Shockey sooth-sees a Giants repeat - as stated in a FHM spread from 2003.

• Best wishes to ESPN NFL reporter Len Pasquarelli, who had heart surgery last weekend.

Phil Mickelson was having too much fun at the FBR Open to go to the Big Game, so he gave his tickets away.

Tom Petty tries to one-up Prince in phallic halftime show symbolism.

Tom Petty Phallic Image At Super Bowl

• SI’s Arash Markazi breaks down all the Super Bowl parties you weren’t allowed to attend. Sadly though, Heidi Montag’s rack wasn’t ranked.

Michael Vick will get to keep almost $20 million in bonus money from the Falcons. That’s an awful lot of prison cigarettes.

• Been hankering to see that “Perfectville” spot with Mercury Morris & the ‘72 Dolphins crew? Who hasn’t?!


Did Tom Petty Sneak In Phallic Refererence @ SB?

Drew Curtis of unearths a link to SEATTLE WEEKLY, which has a photo of Tom Petty’s stage set at the Super Bowl last night - just as the show began:

Tom Petty Phallic Image At Super Bowl

An amusing coincidence, or purposeful on Petty’s part(s)? Either way, it’s a nice follow-up to Prince’sdemonschlong last year.