Florida State WR Passes Out In McD’s Drive-Thru

After a late night of partying, there’s pretty much nothing better than McDonald’s (which might explain Michael Phelps’ endorsement deal with the fast food joint). It’s greasy, it’s bad for you and it’s delicious. But after a night of alleged drinking and pot smoking, perhaps Florida State receiver Preston Parker should have settled for ordering a pizza, or seeing if there were any Ho-Hos in the cupboards.

Preston Parker DUI Falls Asleep in Drive-Thru

(Parker dozed off after his “no mustard” request @ McDonalds took 45 minutes)

WARCHANT.COM reports that Parker was arrested on Saturday night and charged with DUI after passing out at a McDonald’s drive-thru. Cops found him slumped over in his car with the engine running, his foot on the brake and the car in drive, where he had been for the past 20 minutes. It turned out that he was under the legal limit for alcohol, but tested positive for pot.

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Gun Toting, Pot Smoking Seminole Missing Patsies

Andrew Carter of the ORLANDO SENTINEL reports (with a straight face?) that “Florida State placed standout football player Preston Parker on athletic probation, suspended him for two games and will require him to adhere to six conditions after the junior wide receiver pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors Monday in Palm Beach County court.

Preston Parker

The charges? Parker had been accused of “misdemeanor possession of marijuana and with carrying a concealed weapon, a felony.” This news comes after he was caught shoplifting in 2006. Read more…