AI: Escaping Infamous Comments A Futile Practice

By now we’ve all seen the notorious 2002 “practice” comments by Allen Iverson, but have we really heard any follow-up from him about it over the years? If he has spoke on it- at least in a normal state - we haven’t seen it.

Allen Iverson

During a recent sitdown with KCNC-TV’s Vic Lombardi in Denver, Iverson said he’ll never escape the wrath of that nonsensical rant: “I can say to my teammates, ‘what time is practice?’ and they’ll say (in Iverson tone) ‘PRACTICE?! … PRACTICE?!.”

5 1/2 years later, Iverson still hears about his moment of media greatness “all the time“, but an all-growed-up AI can now laugh about it. He even gave Lombardi a handy tip on the impersonation : “Don’t forget ‘not a game’ … you’ll get an A- for that.”