Texas A&M Player Would Take An Egg For Obama

With this wonderful country of ours set to choose its next President tomorrow, as you’d expect, there are a lot of political rallies going on from sea to shining sea.  John McCain appeared on Saturday Night Live this weekend in a last ditch effort to sway some votes amongst the younger crowd, and tonight both candidates will appear on Monday Night Football, subjecting themselves to Chris Berman for a chance at the Presidency (in case you weren’t already aware you have to sell your soul to win an election).

Still, it’s not just the candidates who are out there working for votes.  In College Station a group of students at Texas A&M called the Young Conservatives of Texas organized a little get together on Friday.  Basically the entire thing was nothing but a way to slam Barack Obama and other Democrats instead of, you know, telling people why they should vote for McCain.  Part of the festivities included throwing eggs at a picture of Obama, but one A&M student athlete wouldn’t have any of it.

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Caribou Barbie Mentions Phillies, Gets Booed

Hey, it’s another politics post! If this offends your sensibilities, we suggest you go here or here instead. Especially if you’re a Republican. UPDATE: Video after the jump.

Sarah Palin
(I’m so happy to be here at Auburn! Roll Tide!)

In the waning days before the Presidential election, most pundits agee that John McCain’s election strategy necessarily depends on winning Pennsylvania’s electoral votes. The McCain camp is spending most of its time and resources in the state, even though they have less than a week to make up a, let’s say, 7-10% deficit. McCain and his VP nominee, Sarah Palin, need to be absolutely perfect in their efforts in Pennsylvania between now and Tuesday, as any failure would be disastrous.

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Barack Obama & John McCain To Appear On MNF

Over the last few months sports and politics have crossed paths many times as Barack Obama and John McCain continue to do everything humanly possible to get votes, and realize that sporting events are a great way to reach the male demographic.  That’s why Obama was in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago saying he was rooting for the Phillies, and that’s why John McCain and Sarah Palin have been dropping pucks at hockey games.

Well just because the election is this Tuesday, that doesn’t mean either candidate is ready to sit back and let the votes fall where they may.  No, they realize they only have one more shot to get to us sports fans, and they’re going to take it.  Which is why both Presidential hopefuls will be showing up on Monday Night Football this, you guessed it, Monday night.

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McCain To Be Juiced Up For Debate With Obama

With another debate looming between John McCain and Barack Obama next week, both Presidential candidates are getting themselves ready for the big showdown. This means they’re doing anything in their power to get some kind of advantage on their opponent, and it appears Mr. McCain has made an unexpected ally in his quest for the Presidency.

Yep, that’s right, Bill Romanowski. It seems that Romo is eager to help McCain get a little extra “juice” behind his arguments.

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Ditka Could’ve Demolished Obama’s Dreams in ‘04

Barack Obama will be htting the campaign trail hard & heavy in the next few days before Super Tuesday. But the Democratic presidential hopeful might not even be in the race, if it wasn’t for a certain ex-coach of a certain football team known as Da Bears.

Mike Ditka Barack Obama

Back in 2004, Illinois Republicans were looking for a new candidate for the U.S. Senate. Original choice Jack Ryan dropped out over allegations he took his wife, actress Jeri Ryan, out to sex clubs and asked her to perform sex acts in front of others.

Jeri Ryan

(Jeri Ryan - adored by Star Trek geeks as ‘Seven of Nine’)

GOP leaders decided to try and convince Mike Ditka to take their party’s spot and run against then-state senator Obama. Besides being a popular Chicago figure, Ditka was a also a strong conservative, campaigning for George W. Bush during the 2000 presidential election.

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