Repubs: Bowling For Dollars In The White House!

First he takes heat for not letting women play in his pickup basketball games, and now this. Republicans are claiming that President Obama is using the White House bowling alley like the Lincoln bedroom. Kinky? Sorry, no.

President Obama bowling

Critics are saying that if you donate mucho bucks to the Democrats, Obama will let you roll free games in the bowling alley at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Does this include video game tokens and free pizza? The answer is unclear.

Oh politics, how can we not love you?

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Gender Flap At White House; Over Pickup Hoops?

If you’ve just called “got next” at one of President Obama’s famed pickup basketball games, you’d better be sure of two things: One, you always set picks for he Prez. Two, you’d better be a guy. Believe it or not, there’s a growing undercurrent of discontent — including those in his own party — that Obama isn’t letting women play in his White House basketball games.

Barack Obama White House pickup game

I wasn’t really sure I believed that people were getting worked up over this, so I did some checking around, and sure enough: The President of the National Organization for Women is one of those who finds Obama’s all-male games “troubling.” THE NEW YORK TIMES just did a big story on it, and bloggers have been debating the topic all week.

Should Obama relent and let the women ball?

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Jefferson Jolts From Wedding, Doesn’t Tell Guests

Richard Jefferson got cold feet and decided to ditch his beautiful bride-to-be. Too bad the new Spur neglected to inform his wedding guests.

Richard Jefferson Kesha Nichols

• What’s better than $1 beers at the ballpark? How about $1 beers at the ballpark with a buxom Playboy “Hot Housewife” model?

• A British tennis coach is caught doing a little drive-by wanking near a group of 14-year-old girls.

• Nice to see Erin Andrews, Heather Graham & Kristin Cavallieri all share the same fashion sense.

• Hard to tell what looked weaker last night - President Obama’s first pitch, or the NL All-Stars’ overall play.

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Speed Read: Like You Are Working Today Anyway

O Glorious Day! The zenith of nascent spring has arrived! Today, you can call in sick to work (tell them you need to prep for your World Series-winning colonoscopy), crack open a beer before 9:30 am on the West Coast, and stare intently at teenagers in short pants for four straight days without so much as a cocked eyebrow from your loved ones.

Final Four Memphis Tigers fans

(2008 Final Four coverage from SPORTSbyBROOKS)

(Hint: timing’s everything on this one. One weekend in the wrong direction and you’re stuck programming your GPS to stay 200 yards from schools for the next five years.)

Here’s what you need to thrive today:

Television schedule
Watch online
Watch on your iPhone
Nevada Council on Problem Gambling

Final Four Tickets

(2007 teaser from SPORTSbyBROOKS coverage)

Here’s your morning NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament storylines:

Since you now have a few hours to kill, here’s the hail of bullet points to distract you while considering why you’re getting sex advice from China’s last eunuch (and how they tested for this):

Francisco Rodriguez of Venezuela

Manny Ramirez

Which #1 seed falls first?

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