Candace Parker Is Extremely Proud Of Her C-Cups

Candace Parker might be the best women’s basketball player in the world. She’s also pregnant, and got hitched in a shotgun marriage to a guy nicknamed “The Landlord”. But perhaps most importantly to her, she fills out a C cup bra. At least that’s the story, according to ESPN’s Allison Glock.

candace parker pregnant

Just how fond is Parker of her bra size? Fond enough that Glock felt she had to mention it twice in the first paragraph of her ESPN The Magazine feature about marketing Parker, both domestically and overseas. Or maybe Glock is just jealous of the C cups herself? Whatever the reason, ESPN is typecasting Parker as a potential female Michael Jordan, which, of course, is impossible. Then again, it’d also be impossible to mention Parker’s breasts or her “endless legs” more prominently in the article.

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Supermodel Niki Taylor About to Be NASCAR Mom

By now, you probably know all about supermodel Niki Taylor, the host of “Make Me a Supermodel,” who happens to be a bit of a looker. Well, the former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit starlet is now married to NASCAR driver Burney Lamar (ed. note: Who? Oh! That Burney Lamar!), and the couple is expecting their first child.

Niki Taylor

(Whoa, Mama!)

We know what you’re thinking: How is this news? Well, first of all, Burney Lamar is a NASCAR driver, even if you don’t know who he is. He drives really fast and makes a whole lot of left turns, which could make getting to the hospital when Niki goes into a labor a little more difficult. But, more significantly, Niki could be considered athletic herself. Think about it:

  1. She’s spent a significant amount of her career wearing an item that can correctly be described as a sporting good (swimsuits)
  2. She has to spend hours on an elliptical to keep in photo shape
  3. Her recovery from a horrific accident in 2001 has been nothing less than Herculean.

Really, we’re not kidding about the recovery from her car accident, which left her in a coma with a lacerated liver after the car she was riding in collided with a utility pole. Now she’s so healthy that she’s pregnant again. THAT is an impressive recovery. And do read on … there’s even more photo goodness after the jump.

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Speed Read: Red Sox Continue Ownage Of Angels

I’m starting to get the impression that the Angels don’t like playing the Red Sox in October all that much. The supreme ownage continued last night as the Sox took Game 1 of the ALDS 4-1 at the Big A. Boston has now won 10 consecutive playoff games against the Angels, a streak that has spanned three different incarnations of the Angel franchise even though they’ve played in the same stadium the whole time. The first game in the streak was the infamous Dave Henderson/Donnie Moore Game 5 of the 1986 ALCS. Incidentally, the Angels took eight of nine from the Sox during the 2008 regular season.

Mike Napoli is bumming

The biggest problem for the Angels? This guy is always the home plate umpire:

It's Enrico Pallazzo!

His strike zone is always brutal in the top of the seventh inning.

New England columnists are singing the praises of Jon Lester and Jason Bay, while So Cal writers are bemoaning the gaffes of Gary Matthews and Vlad Guerrero, who curiously tried to go first to third on a ball that was hit 150 feet. One writer wonders if the Angels will ever beat their arch-rival.

Meanwhile, the Cubs extended a streak of their own. They’ve now lost seven straight in the postseason dating back to the 2003 NLCS. James Loney’s grand slam stunned the Wrigley crowd and sent the Dodgers on their way to a 7-2 win. Joe Torre had a plan to make Ryan Dempster work hard, and it paid off with L.A. drawing seven walks off the Cubs starter. Dempster had few answers for tying a career-high in wildness.

The Phillies won their first playoff game since 1993, surviving Mitch Williams‘ ceremonial first pitch and discarding the Brewers 3-1. Brad Lidge wasn’t exactly on top of his game, but he got the job done in the ninth inning. The Crew didn’t go very far in earning respect in Philly.

If you thought that the 2005 NBA Finals between San Antonio and Detroit was exciting, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! The WNBA apparently uses a multi-game format to decide its champion, and the Shock of Detroit dispatched the Silver Stars of San Antonio in Game 1 of possibly a best-of-five series. The best thing about all of this is that we get to see Russian/South Dakotan Becky Hammon in action for a few more days:

Becky Hammon

Kendra Wilkinson

  • Pirates broadcaser Lanny Frattare has decided he’s seen enough, according to USA TODAY. Frattare was in the booth for the 1979 World Series title, but should’ve just gotten out then. Instead, he’s been the voice of 16 straight losing seasons.
  • When Ryan Braun hit his game-winning home run against the Cubs on Sunday, this lady jumped up and down so vigorously her water broke:

Brewer fans with baby

The MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL’s Jim Stingl has all the excruciating details, including the phrase “it was more like the ground-rule double of amniotic fluid.”

  • ┬áTrail Blazer fans are just a little paranoid about Greg Oden’s health, notes the COLUMBIAN’s Brian Hendrickson. Oden suffered a immensely mild grade-one ankle sprain but that’s no consolation to a base that suffered through Sam Bowie and are facing another year of Joel Przybilla if Oden gets hurt again.

Who’s the worst member of TBS’ baseball play-by-play announcing crew?

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Terps Women’s B-Ball Coach Gives Birth To Twins

Brenda Frese, the Maryland women’s basketball coach that continued on the court even while eight months pregnant, has given birth to twins.

Brenda Frese Maryland coach pregnant

The DIAMONDBACK ONLINE - Maryland’s student newspaper, not an Arizona MLB blog - announced that Frese had delivered two bouncing baby boys last Sunday morning. Both mom & kids reportedly doing fine. Seven hours later, Frese received word of another blessed event. Read more…

Maryland Basketball Is Already On The Bubble

When the women’s basketball highlights hit, we’re usually up to get some vacuuming done, so we had no idea that apparently the head coach of the women’s basketball team at Maryland, Brenda Frese, is eight months pregnant and still coaching.

Brenda Frese 8 Months Pregnant

(Someone somewhere is somehow making this sexual)

She’s got twins on the way, hasn’t missed a practice this season, and the Terrapins are currently 22-1 and ranked third in the nation.

ESPN has video of her in *action* after the jump.

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Kenyan Runners Causing Stir With Getting Young Girls Pregnant During Training

KENYAN RUNNERS IN TRAINING GETTING GIRLS PREGNANT: Joggers in Kenya are running into trouble with local girls:

Kenya runner pregnant

The EAST AFRICAN STANDARD reports about runners coming to the North Rift area of the country for training, only for them to get frisky with the local young female populace.The article claims how some of these “quacks” pose as legitimate athletes to the girls, and “enticing” them with money or presents in return for some “companionship”. As a result, cases of the young girls getting pregnant and dropping out of school has risen in the surrounding towns.

Kenya schoolchildren

Parents and citizens are demanding that the country’s athletic agency do something about the risque runners. But a local official puts the blame of the unexpected births back on Mom & Dad:”It is the parents who have abandoned their responsibilities. A responsible parent should take care of his children and ensure they grow up with dignity.”

Kid drinking Budweiser beer

Best of all was his reason why such girls have fallen into pregnant predicaments: “Most parents were engaged in brewing and consumption of illicit brews, hence, do not have time for their children.”