Recap: Sharapova, Packers Girls Posing Positions

SbB poses the hard-hitting questions:

• Would Maria Sharapova do a Playboy pictorial?

Maria Sharapova

• Why haven’t the Packers Bikini Girls spread for Maxim yet?

Ron Artest? Who’s that?

• Has Tony & Jessica’s Romo-ance fallen incomplete?

Tony Romo Jessica Simpson

• What’s that on Eva Longoria’s neck?

• How did you get this number?

Women’s Coaches Teleconference Gets Dirty Calls

The LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER gets a busy signal, as a teleconference with SEC women’s basketball coaches was interrupted by prank calls.

Pat Summitt phone call

The H-L reports, “The questions were graphic in nature, and included inquiries about coaches having sexual relations with players and players’ performances based on their menstrual cycles.” Unfortunately, the media meeting was adjourned before Pat Summitt got her chance to speak.

The SEC is trying to figure out how the pranksters were able to phone in with their bogus questions. League officials say they’ve traced the calls to about 6 or 7 different numbers, which each calling in numerous times.

Bob Knight ill

The bravado of these teleconference tricksters is amusing. But do they have the guts to pull the same thing on Bobby Knight?