Roy Williams More Popular Than Coach K In NC

Among other things, Duke University basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski is notorious for his ludicrously sanctimonious American Express commercial in which he declares himself a  “leader who happens to coach basketball.” Secondary concern or not, there’s no denying his ability to do the latter. But what about that leadership thing if, say, he wanted to do it for a living?

UNC's Roy Williams & Duke's Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K)

Answering a question no one asked (except SbB just now), a political polling firm has asked North Carolinians their general opinions of both Coach K and UNC coach Roy Williams. The question was similar to questions asked regarding opinions about potential political candidates. The results were a little surprising…in other words, how would you feel about Senators Williams and Krzyzewski?

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Obvious: Network TV Viewers Take Eli Over Brady

Today, ABC’s Good Morning America had an online poll asking female viewers “Would you rather date (Eli) Manning or (Tom) Brady?” The results (we’re sure the descriptions of each guy had nothing to do with the outcome):

Good Morning America Poll

64% of the women said they would rather date Manning. ABC’s Diane Sawyer on the results: “What does this mean?”

It means you don’t have a single female viewer under the age of 30. And they all think Jim Belushi is hot.

In another poll, males were asked by GMA who they would rather “hang out” with. Read more…