C-USA To ECU: Beat Your Fans Better Next Time

Conference USA fined East Carolina $10,000 for allowing fans to storm the field after their upset win over West Virginia a little over a week ago. The message? Do a more thorough job of beating your fans, ECU.

East Carolina police

A state agency is investigating the police action taken after the game, when literally thousands of people descended upon the playing surface and a lucky few ended up with a baton upside their head. Apparently, the agency has been asked to decide whether or not police used “excessive force” in dealing with the jubilant fans. Yeah, I think celebrating a win with your team on the field and doing something that millions of people have done over the years and doesn’t really hurt anyone else warrants four or five punches in the face.

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Cops Caught Clubbing ECU Fans After WVU Win

It was a super Saturday for East Carolina fans. Not only was Greenville spared of any hurricane destruction, but their pigskin Pirates blew away then 8th-ranked West Virginia 24-3. (Which means we can be promised more quips from Rece Davis about the “Fightin’ Skip Holtzes“.)

East Carolina fans after West Virginia win

As ecstatic ECU fans stormed the field, some of the policemen present at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium purpotedly got caught up in the excitement - and started clubbing & punching some of the celebrators (with video goodness after the jump).

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