College Pole Vaulter Killed When He Misses Pad

Of all the sports I least identify with, pole vault has to be at the top of the list. I’ve always considered it the most unlikely and baffling of activities, as if someone asked Dr. Seuss to invent a new track event. I’m not sure how one decides to become a pole vaulter, and after this story, I’m even less likely to find out.

A pole vaulter for UC San Diego, 19-year-old Leon Roach, died after missing the landing pad on a practice pole vault attempt at the university’s La Jolla campus on Saturday. Read more…

Prison Officials Teaching Inmates To Pole Vault

• This should go over well: The UK DAILY EXPRESS leaps at the news of prison officials teaching inmates to pole vault:

Allison Stokke

• Tom Van Riper of FORBES.COM rips apart the myth of the high-priced closer.

Joe knows Enrico Palazzo - THE SPORTS HERNIA reveals that the new Dodgers manager was in “The Naked Gun“.

Emmitt Smith hates America, as AWFUL ANNOUNCING hears the ESPN analyst talking over the National Anthem:

Emmitt Smith flat-top

If the Cowboys great gets canned by the Worldwide Leader, he can always find work in Boston.

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• Just as Navy ended a 43-year drought, BUGS & CRANKS gives congrats to the Chunichi Dragons, who clinched their first Japan Series championship in 53 years.

• This makes no cents: The BBC reports that Brady-buddy Gisele Bundchen doesn’t like to be paid in American dollars:

Gisele Bundchen Bikini Photo Miami Beach

Does this mean Tom is going to demand his salary in sheckels?

• CORN NATION blames Pete Carroll for bringing Bill Callahan to Nebraska.

• SPORTS COLUMN demands a recount, as Arkansas RB Darren McFadden didn’t break the SEC record for rushing in a game, but only tied it.

• Time for Lee Corso to retire, as JEN’S FREE THROWS catches the ESPN analyst mistaking the Oregon Ducks QB with the Arizona State head coach:

Lee Corso Nude

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• EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY gets word that Gary Barnett has his evil eye on the SMU job - just as long as there aren’t any female kickers in Dallas.