Stallworth Gets 30 Days For Drunk Driving Death

• Cleveland Browns WR Donte Stallworth is sentenced to 30 days in jail in a plea-bargain agreement in the drunk driving death of Miami Beach pedestrian Mario Reyes.

Donte Stallworth in court

• The Famous Chicken may soon be nesting down in his retirement coop.

• Exciting times for Michael Strahan - he’s got a Fox “comedy” in the works, and he’s now engaged to Eddie Murphy’s ex.

• Speaking of bad shows, “Joe Buck Live” may not have a bright future - unless you consider foul-mouthed Artie Lange as your program’s savior.

• Soccer star Rio Ferdinand follows Cristiano Ronaldo’s fashion lead.

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Plenty of Nice Pairs On Hand at Poker Tournament

I admit, I’ve never been a big fan of poker tournaments. It’s not that I have any moral objection to gambling, I just don’t find watching people playing cards all that interesting. But apparently, all this time I’ve been looking in the wrong direction.

Poker girls Lacey Jones

WICKED CHOPS POKER put together a photo essay of the real hot hands at some recent poker tournaments - along with hot arms, hot faces, hot b… well, you get the idea. It’s obvious that a such an event you would get to see so many great pairs:

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