TV Ad To Bust On BCS Before Bama Texas Game

I’ve posted video below of a television ad that criticizes the Bowl Championship Series and will run in selected cities Thursday night before the ABC telecast of Alabama vs. Texas in the BCS Championship game.

Playoff Pac Ad During BCS Title Game

(Might wanna backoff on the powder next time)

The ad was paid for by Playoff PAC, a federal political action committee dedicated to setting up a college football playoff system. The AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN reports the ad will run in local markets Dallas, Boise and Salt Lake City before the BCS title game on Fox:

Coincidentally, those markets cover undefeated teams that have been snubbed in the past two years by the BCS championship — Boise State, Texas Christian and Utah.

As you might expect, the spot notes the undefeated status of TCU and Boise State and lampoons BCS Executive Director “Baghdad” Bill Hancock.

Baghdad Bill Hancock Executive Director Of The BCS

While I’d have appreciated a little of this spliced in there, the spot gets the job done.

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Playoff Proponents’ PAC Pushes Political Priorities

Hey, it’s a Friday. Fridays are for alliteration.

It’s pretty obvious at this point that politicians don’t listen to people’s concerns just based on their merits. Part of the reason is that it’s impossible to balance the individual needs of their ever-numerous constituents, and part is that there’s really no money in doing things that way, so what’s the point.

No Obama sez BCS
(Unless, of course, you’ve got some money to persuade us.)

That’s normally been the end of the line for the anti-BCS movement, because while Orrin Hatch has figured out that as a Utah representative, it’s quite politically advantageous to rage against the college football machine, there’s really nothing in it for anybody else. Well, until now, anyway; the playoff bandwagon is organizing… and they’ve taught themselves the language of the greenback.

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