Dude Who Quit Oakland A’s For Priesthood Speaks

Grant Desme, the Oakland A’s prospect who recently gave up baseball to consider entering the priesthood, guested on the nationally-syndicated Dan Patrick radio show today.

Grant Desme

One of many interesting and somewhat quizzical comments from Desme to Patrick:

It was, um, I could just tell from prayer. Praying is just…especially after having such a…I mean, God blessed me with an amazing season and an even better fall league. And it just wasn’t, wasn’t it. I mean, I wasn’t really at peace with it, and I could tell, I felt like God was calling me to more, especially after having a really successful season. I really felt like if that was where God wanted me to be, I would have been at peace with it and really content.

I can’t even begin to wrap my head around why Desme made his decision. His comments to Patrick about leaving baseball for the priesthood left me a lot more questions than answers.

We’ve transcribed the complete interview after the jump and you can go here for audio.

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