Week In Review: Angels’ Adenhart Dies In Crash

• A very tough week for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Pitcher Nick Adenhart dies in a hit & run car accident caused by a drunk driver, just days after a fan dies from a post-game fight in an Angel Stadium stairwell.

Nick Adenhart Brian Powers

(Left - Nick Adenhart; Right - Fight victim Brian Powers)

Cheryl Miller wasn’t pleased that Scot Pollard was late for their NBA TV show, and she wasn’t afraid to use the airtime to air her grievances.

• ESPN reporter Shelley Smith takes a misstep at a Detroit bar during the Final Four.

• Fans fighting while their team’s championship banner is being raised, and booing while World Series rings are given out? Must be Philadelphia.

• A former Gonzaga women’s basketball star-turned-high school softball coach gets zagged for having sex with one of her 16-year-old players.

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NFLers Party: Bunnies, Booze And Free Tasers!

When pro athletes & other celebrities are invited to attend special events like award shows or golf tournaments, they’re usually given a goodie bag full of … um, goodies, like iPods or DVDs or scented oils and such.

Playboy golf taser

But when some NFL players showed up for a recent Playboy Golf outing, the nudie mag had a little request for the gridiron guys - DO Tase Me, Bro!

That’s right - the NFLers were given Tasers.

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