Swampland Plane Crash Claims Four Gator Fans

Sad news from Florida today, as a small plane that crashed in Florida on Sunday was revealed to have been carrying four people returning home from the Florida Gators football game in Gainesville earlier that day.

Swamp Plane Crash

While - presumably - the crash didn’t have the horror value of happening in front of a crowd at a football game, like what happened in Ohio, it was horrible enough that all four passengers are presumed dead, despite investigators finding only one body so far. Judging by the picture above, that sounds about right.

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HS Football Game Interrupted By Airplane Crash

Across the country this weekend, high schools trotted out the latest iterations of their football teams in scrimmages for fans and family to watch before the seasons start. Usually, the only noteworthy things to happen at these scrimmages are brief glimpses of a new offense or a new quarterback or whatever.

Plane Crash
(Oh, that ain’t good.)

Not so at Harrison High School in Ohio, where the crowd at a scrimmage witnessed a small plane crash in a gravel field next to the field during the middle of the game.

Hang on, that bears repeating: A plane crashed next to a football field while a game was going on. Video of witnesses’ reactions, which is amazingly not them yelling “HOLY S**T” over and over, is after the jump.

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30th Anniversary of Evansville Basketball Plane Crash

U OF EVANSVILLE REMEMBERS ‘77 PLANE CRASH VICTIMS: Today marks the 30th anniversary of a plane crash that took the lives of the University of Evansville men’s basketball team:

Evansville plane crash

THE SOUTHERN ILLINOISAN looks back on the tragic event, and how the community honors & remembers those who perished.On December 13, 1977, a plane carrying members of the Purple Aces men’s team left Dress Regional Airport for a game at Middle Tennessee State. 90 seconds later, the plane went down.

All 29 people on board, including the team and first-year coach Bobby Watson, were killed.

Since the crash, the university honors the 1977 squad by awarding four scholarships in the team’s name. Each year, the scholarships are presented at the beginning of the first home game of the season, followed by a moment of silence.

On the university grounds, a Memorial Plaza sits in the middle of campus in remembrance of the plane crash victims, with the words inscribed in the limestone, “Out of the agony of this hour we will rise.

In the nearby town of Eldorado, IL, two of the crash victims had played high school ball. Before Eldorado High’s basketball game On Tuesday night, a 29-second moment of silence was observed for all 29 crash victims.