Penn State’s Bradley To Meet With Pitt About Job

Multiple sources close to the football programs at Penn State and the University of Pittsburgh have indicated to SbB that acting Penn State head football coach Tom Bradley is the leading candidate for the defensive coordinator position under new Pitt head football coach Paul Chryst.

Pitt's Paul Chryst thinks Tom Bradley is good fit as assistant

(Fit for Pitt? Bradley coached under Joe Paterno for 33 years at Penn State)

One source close to the Pitt program told SbB that Bradley is Chryst’s first choice for the job, but because of Bradley’s longtime association with the Penn State program - and his reported close ties to Jerry Sandusky - the Pitt coach will have to get school athletic director Steve Pederson and other Pitt officials and donors to sign off first. Read more…

Video: Steelers Fan Tries To Burn Sanchez Effigy

Before the Steelers-Jets game last Sunday, at least one nameless Pittsburgh tailgater* got the bright idea to hang a dummy of Mark Sanchez off a billboard.

Fan tries to burn Mark Sanchez dummy hanging from billboard

And then burn it.
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Photos Of Roethlisberger’s Fiancee Ashley Harlan

The NEW CASTLE (PA) NEWS reports today that it has confirmed the engagement of Ben Roethlisberger to, “Lawrence County (PA) native Ashley Harlan, a 2004 graduate of Laurel High School.

Ben Roethlisberger girlfriend photos

Kayleen Cubbal of the News reported Wednesday:

Sources have confirmed that Roethlisberger is engaged to Ashley Harlan, a 2004 graduate of Laurel High School whose family home is on Devils Elbow Road in Hickory Township.

Word of the engagement, which is said to have occurred over the Christmas holiday, leaked out both locally and nationally over the past few days and, while Roethlisberger said following yesterday’s practice that he would not discuss his personal life, the proverbial cat appears to be out of the bag.

Harlan also attended St. Francis (PA) College where she played softball between 2005-07. She now works as a physician’s assistant and still lives at home with her parents in the Newcastle area.

Sally Kalson and Karen Kane of the PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE went to the Harlan family home for additional confirmation. Read more…

Lady Killer: Mike Tomlin Still Willing To Fly Coach

Here’s a fun photo of Mike Tomlin recently sent in by a reader:

Mike Tomlin out on the town

(Andy Rooney wants his hat back)

Harmless fun. I posted the photo because I thought the ALTOONA (PA) MIRROR, reporting from Steelers training camp today, summed up the pic rather nicely: Read more…

Big Ben’s ‘Bathroom Stall’ In New Eminem Song

Ben Roethlisberger’s extracurriculars in Milledgeville have been memorialized by rapper Eminem, who included a mention of the Steelers QB in a new song called “Despicable”.


Lyric: “F— that, I’d rather turn this club into a bar room brawl. Get as rowdy as Roethlisberger in a bathroom stall.

The audio is extremely not safe for work.

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Bad Sign: Pitt Zoo Removes Big Ben For Lemieux

At least one official Pittsburgh civic enterprise has traded in Ben Roethlisberger for Mario Lemieux as the city’s favorite son: The Pittsburgh Zoo.

Ben Roethlisberger sign removed from Pittsburgh Zoo replaced by Mario Lemieux

(Photo Credits: WPXI, Mondesi’s House)

Zoo officials today took down Roethlisberger’s name from a prominent park display that compares the heights of elephants to other species. Roethlisberger’s name was replaced on the display by Penguins hockey hero Lemieux. (Both are 6-foot-5.)

Apparently the folks running the zoo weren’t the only reason for the change. Read more…

What Will Rooney Do With Roethlisberger Now?

Steelers Owner Art Rooney II confirmed today that he’ll be making the call, with consultation from Roger Goodell, on the discipline doled out to Ben Roethlisberger.

Art Rooney and Ben Roethlisberger

Also Thursday, posted documents from the investigation into the sexual assault allegation made against Roethlisberger in a Georgia bar on March 5. Some of those documents are disturbing, to say the least. Excerpt:

One witness, Ann Marie Lubatti, told investigators that she saw one of Roethlisberger’s bodyguards guide the alleged victim to a side door. Lubatti said that she immediately approached another bodyguard and said, “This isn’t right. My friend is back there with Ben. She needs to come back right now.” Lubatti, who described Roethlisberger as “noticeably intoxicated,” said she was rebuffed by the bodyguard, who remarked, “I don’t know what you are talking about,” according to the below statement.

When Lubatti later spotted her friend, the alleged victim said, “We need to go now.” Lubatti said the woman told her that Roethlisberger “walked back to where she was with his penis already out of his pants. She told him that they shouldn’t be doing this and that it wasn’t right.” The woman told Lubatti that Roethlisberger had followed her into the bathroom and shut the door. “She continued to say she didn’t want to have sex, but he kept saying, “No, it’s OK.” Lubatti said that her friend told of having unprotected sex with Roethlisberger. After hearing her friend’s account, Lubatti and another woman, Nicole Biancofiore, “walked up to the first cop we saw and told them what happened.”

Sounds almost as if Roethlisberger and his bodyguard buddies had themselves a system. If those witness accounts are true, what Roethlisberger and his associates did was mind-bogglingly sick.

How will Art Rooney discipline Ben Roethlisberger?

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If I’m Rooney, Roethlisberger is gone. You can’t have that guy representing a franchise like the Steelers. As Mike Singletary once said about Vernon Davis: “Can’t do it.

Attorney Investigated Big Ben For Vegas Incident

UPDATE: Attorney Manion has now seemingly backed off his strong comments from this morning, which characterized an allegation against Roethlisberger by a young woman in Las Vegas six months ago as “absolutely identical” to what happened between the quarterback and a woman on March 5 in Georgia.

With no record of law enforcement involvement and apparently no evidence to speak of, it’s obvious that Manion spoke out of turn - which I hinted at this morning.


Harry Manion, a partner at Boston law firm Cooley Manion Jones, guested on WEEI-AM’s The Dennis and Callahan Morning Show in Boston this morning and said he was hired to investigate an incident involving Ben Roethlisberger six months ago that was “absolutely identical” to the recent sexual assault allegation by a Georgia woman.

Big Ben I'm Used To Going Out And Doing Something Stupid

(The latest on Big Ben’s ordeal in realtime: Brooks on Twitter)


“Six months ago I was hired by a client of mine, a good friend, to investigate allegations against Ben Roethlisberger in a Las Vegas nightclub that were absolutely identical to this Georgia girl’s story. The outcome was that the young woman did not want to proceed and we never took any action. There is a history here, and I can’t say any further, that is super troubled. Wow.”

I can’t imagine Manion would bring this up unless his investigation netted some evidence that Roethlisberger may have done something inappropriate and/or illegal.

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In Mad Rush To Be 1st, ESPN Botches The Details

In a series of conflicting reports Friday, ESPN claimed Ben Roethlisberger will not be charged by Georgia authorities for sexual assault stemming from an incident at a Milledgeville, GA. bar on March 5.

ESPN Roethlisberger Report Suddenly Not Shareable

(Why Suddenly Block Sharing? #rhetorical)

Between 7-8pm ET on Friday, an ESPN News anchor reported of ESPN legal analyst Roger Cossack:

“ESPN legal analyst Roger Cossack told me earlier that based on his legal expertise and sources familiar with the case, charges would not be filed.”

At around the same time, SportsCenter aired a report with similar wording.

But when Cossack was brought onto the air on SportsCenter and ESPN News, he went out of his way to say that his conclusion about the case was his only his “opinion.” Cossack made that distinction on multiple occasions during the separate, phoned-in appearances.

ESPN SportsCenter and ESPN News anchors then similarly referenced a Kelly Naqi report that the TV anchors said cited a singular “source” that “has now confirmed to ESPN” that Roethlisberger would not be charged in the case.

Kelly Naqi Cited Sources For Roethlisberger Story

(Two ESPN TV outlets said Naqi had a single source)

But Naqi’s report claimed to cite multiple “sources.” (See above screen shot.)

For now (8:32p ET, Friday), you can go here to see the ESPN News report I’m referencing. Though ESPN, in something I haven’t seen before, has disabled the sharing feature for this specific story.

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Getting To Know The Steelers New Glass Receiver

21-year-old Anshonae Mills last week filed a civil lawsuit against Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes. Mills is seeking $15,000 in damages for battery, assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress stemming from a March 7 incident at a central Florida nightclub.

Anshonae Mills Photos Santonio Holmes Accuser

(”I love money” part of Mills online dating account)

According to court papers, Mills accused Holmes of harassing her in an attempt to force her to exit a VIP area of the club. That harassment allegedly included Holmes throwing a glass at Mills, which cut an area of her face above her right eye.

After Mills was injured, she initially demanded to attending Orlando police that Holmes be arrested. Mills claims Holmes then stated that he was “an NFL football player and could not face criminal charges,” before the Steelers receiver then offered to give Mills money.

Anshonae Mills Photos Santonio Holmes Accuser

Mills alleges that eventually she was pressured so much by Holmes and police that she did not press charges, giving only a largely incoherent statement to the presiding cops. Read more…