Katie Price Scoring To Become Soccer’s Top WAG

• Buxom British model Katie “Jordan” Price is back on the scene, seeking to shag some soccer superstars.

Katie Price

• MLB instant replay: It shouldn’t be just for home runs anymore.

• SEC college football is coming to a TV set near you. Just try and stop it.

• Part 2 of Adam J’s expose on the Register’s Annual Bike Ride Across Iowa - complete with fun photos of good ol’ Midwestern folk.

• A Mets VP rips into a minor league team, taking off his shirt & calling one of the players a [vulgar term for a specific part of the female anatomy].

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Zebra Bite Sidelines Gorilla For Season. Uh, What?

Have you or anyone you know ever been attacked by a zebra? Then please call 1-800-BITCH-YOU-LYIN because there’s no way that’s true. The zebra is a most docile creature, sort of like a horse that’s been shamed into submission because of the unfortunate nature of its coloring. And they’re those herbie-vores. They’re nice, right?

Zebra Bite
(Mynd you, zebra bites Kan be pretty nasti…)

Err, about that. The Pittsburg State Gorillas, which are naturally located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania the Congolese jungle Kansas, have just lost linebacker/safety Joe Windscheffel for the season after a zebra gave him some whatfor and a little bit of the whatnot. Ouch.

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