Brady Getting Personal Supercuts For Super Bowl

Those of you worried about Tom Brady’s appearance at the Super Bowl can now breathe a sigh of relief. No, we’re not talking about soothing his sore ankle, but taming his scruffy locks.

Tom Brady hair

The BOSTON GLOBE’s DOUBLE COVERAGE cuts to the chase that Pini Swissa - Boston stylist and Brady’s personal barber - is in town and ready to give Tom a pre-game trim.

Swissa claims he’s “on call” during his stay in Phoenix, and has his shears ready at a moment’s notice. And Pini’s got big plans before the Big Game:

I did Tom Brady (Tuesday), and right before the Super Bowl, it’s a surprise for everybody. Saturday night, I’m gonna cut it off. Saturday night, we’re gonna cut it really, really off.”

And he’ll probably give him a haircut, too. Ba-Zing!