Shift Happens: The A-11 Offense Is New, Improved

Remember the A-11 offense, that wacky football invention by mad scientists Kurt Bryan and Steve Humphries over at Piedmont High in California? It kind of startled opponents when it debuted two seasons ago, when Piedmont lined up and everyone just went long. Actually, Bryan utilized a loophole in the rules by lining up the offense in a punt formation on every down, thus making multiple players eligible to catch a pass. Hilarity, and wins, ensued.

A-11 offense, Piedmont High

Well, the thing started to catch on: 41 states legalized the A-11, and several schools adopted it as their primary offense. Then in stepped the National High School Federation last season to outlaw it. (“Conform … conform …”) So is Piedmont lining up in a T formation this season, handing the ball straight ahead to a fullback? Nope. They’re still fighting The Man. Read more…